CRM Resources

    Certified Records Manager

    The Certified Records Manager designation is awarded by the Institute of Certified Records Managers. CRM candidates must meet education and experience criteria before being approved to sit for a six-part exam. The first five parts consist of multiple choice questions. Candidates sitting for Part 6 are asked to write two case studies on specific records management issues. Candidates have five years to complete the exam cycle. Once certified, the CRM must maintain continuing education requirements.

    The Dallas ARMA Chapter strongly supports all its members who pursue certification. The Dallas Chapter ICRM Liaison is available to answer questions, and provide study assistance.

    ICRM Seminars

    Each year the ARMA Southwest Region holds a CRM Conference, hosted by one of the local chapters of the Region. Lecturers from within and outside the Region present timely topics in all aspects of records management. To meet the needs of the diverse group of attendees, the seminars are divided into two tracks.

    The Basic Track covers each part of the CRM Exam, and is designed for those studying for or considering the CRM designation. It will include an overview of topics covered in the exam plus techniques and tips to help with preparation and test-taking.

    The Advanced Track covers a broad array of topics for those who already have their CRM designation and need to get continuing education hours

    Both tracks are open to all industry professionals interested in increasing their knowledge of either basic or advanced RIM topics.

    For additional information, go to the Institute of Certified Records Managers website.