Our Vendor Sponsors

    Vendors are a very important part of our chapter. They bring information on new trends, offer their services, and provide sponsorships. In this new board year, we would like to encourage the vendors to not only attend meetings, but talk with the VP of Professional Development, the VP of Seminars, and the VP of Public Relations/Web Master regarding writing articles, blogging and speaking to our chapter on pertinent topics.

    We have a wonderful group of vendor members, vendor guests and vendor sponsors. This page is dedicated to promoting them to the chapter’s non-vendor members. How many times have you asked, who does such and such service? We truly appreciate our vendors, whether they sponsor, come to meetings as guests, or become members of the local chapter. Thank you for all you do! If you or your company has a desire to sponsor or advertise with the chapter, please contact Sherri Taylor, VP Community & Vendor Relations at staylor@aarchives.com.

    Vendor Sponsorship Opportunities

    Monthly Chapter Meetings
    Prizes for raffles
    Fundraising events
    Networking events

    Community outreach projects
    Vendor Directory

    Looking for a vendor to help you accomplish your information management goals? Please consider choosing a vendor that supports the Dallas Chapter of ARMA!